Zano Controls Multi Way 2 Point LED Grid Dimmer (ZANZGRIDMW150-2P)

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Zano Controls Multi Way 2 Point LED Grid Dimmer (ZANZGRIDMW150-2P)

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The ZSMARTLED enables 3-way dimming on a single circuit, this technology is exclusive and only available to buy from Zano Controls. The ZSMARTLED is the first easy fit 3-point rotary dimming solution available on the market. Multi-point LED dimming up until now has been linked to expensive lighting control, this ground-breaking technology solves that problem. Providing a simple solution to install up to three rotary controllers on a single circuit, one ‘master’ controller and up to two ‘slave’ controllers can be used. The kit also connects direct to 3 core and earth wiring, for an easy install with minimal disruption on site. It is also perfect for retrofit LED projects: simply remove existing switches and replace with the ZSMART kit using 3 Core and Earth cabling. It can dim between 5-150W/VA and is available as a grid, plated or module version.

  • 5-150W / VA LED
  • Master/Slave system
  • Dim from 3 points on a single circuit
  • Market leading technology
  • Zano smart settings built in
  • Easy fit install
  • Available in grid, module and slimline premium white plate
  • Connects to 3 Core and Earth wiring
Brand Zano Controls
Module Size
Single Grid
Pot Position
Offset for plate mounting
Lamp Type
Max Watt
Min Watt
Min Box Depth
2-Way Switching

ZANZGRIDMW150-2P Instructions

ZANZGRIDMW150-2P Datasheet

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