Zano Controls Grid 150W LED Dimming Module (ZANZGRIDLED150)

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Zano Controls Grid 150W LED Dimming Module (ZANZGRIDLED150)

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With award winning next generation technology built in, the ZGRIDLED range is the only grid range you need for your dimming projects. With advanced lamp compatibility built in, it is easy to install and provides the best user experience. Easy-fit installation features include increased terminal size, a larger control knob and a smaller, streamlined module.

The ZGRIDLED is the only grid range available that is supplied with 9 grid adapters, including the MK, Hager, BG, Deta, Hamilton, Wandsworth, Crabtree, Euro and the new Schneider Lisse White adapters.

Zano technology outperforms all other manufacturers in testing, our brand new “Learn and Adapt” technology allows all our ZGRIDLED dimmers to learn the circuit’s load and adapt accordingly, supporting an even greater number of lamps per circuit than before. The ZGRIDLED family now has the widest dimming range on the market.

As with all our Zano LED dimmers, built-in digital technology also ensures silent dimming without affecting your WiFi, unlike triac dimmers. They also enable flicker-free and silent dimming on quality LED lamps and incorporate Zano’s problem solving smart settings.

  • 0-150W or 5-250W / VA LED
  • Next-generation, digital technology
  • 9 grid adaptors
  • Not limited to 10 lamps
  • Flicker-free & silent
  • Zano smart settings
  • Adapters available in black or white, including rotary knob
Brand Zano Controls
Module Size
Single Grid
Pot Position
Offset for plate mounting
Lamp Type
Max Watt
Min Watt
Min Box Depth
2-Way Switching

ZGRIDLED150 Instructions

ZGRIDLED150 Datasheet

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