Zano Controls 150W LED Dimming Module (ZANZMO150)

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Zano Controls 150W LED Dimming Module (ZANZMO150)

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The ZMO range delivers next-generation digital technology at everyday prices – with award winning technology built in and supplied in two versions 0-150W/VA and 5-250W/VA it offers versatile, flicker-free and silent dimming. 

Simple to programme and designed not to revert to programming mode once installed, the Zano smart settings enable you to set the minimum level, start level and boost level on every Zano dimmer, ensuring the ultimate user experience with flicker-free and silent dimming every time.

The Zano LED modules have been specifically designed to dim LED lamps. The advance technology used to control the load results in flicker-free and silent dimming of lamps and drivers. The technology also eliminates the need to differentiate between leading and trailing edge lamps. It works with both. All of our LED dimmers have built-in thermal and over-load protection, as well as our smart settings. It is essential before making connections to check the load against the table above to ensure it meets the specifications of the dimmer.

Brand Zano Controls
Module Size
Single Grid
Pot Position
Offset for plate mounting
Lamp Type
Max Watt
Min Watt
Min Box Depth
2-Way Switching
ZMO150 Instructions
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