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Timeguard 360º Surface Mount Ceiling PIR Presence Detector

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Timeguard 360º Surface Mount Ceiling PIR Presence Detector. Ideal for energy saving installations in the workplace, corridors, offices, toilets etc., where light control can make all the difference.

  • 6m diameter (3m radius) detection range at 2.5m mounting height
  • Light ON time adjustable from 5 seconds to 18 minutes
  • Manual ON/OFF override
  • IP44 weatherproof rating (rated for restricted internal applications)
  • Adjustable light level control. Total PIR switching: 2400W (e.g. 20x 100W GLS) incandescent or halogen, 500W fluorescent, 150W CFL/Low Energy, LED lamps <10W Lamps, max 10, LED lamps >10W <32W, max 5 sets
  • Not suitable for discharge lighting
  • 75W fan
    Brand Timeguard
    Colour White
    Operating Voltage 230V AC
    1 or 2 Channel 1
    1st Channel Filament/Halogen Loading (W) 2000/2000
    1st Channel Fluorescent/Low Energy Loading (W) 500
    Weatherproof Rating IP44
    Detection Range (Max) Metres 6 Dia
    Angle of detection 360º
    Light ON Time After Last Detection (Adjustable) 5 Seconds (Min), 18 Minutes (Max)
    Permanent ON Facility Electronic
    Dimensions (mm) 104 (H), 104 (W), 55 (D)
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