Risco Wireless PIR for SecuPlace Wireless Kit (ELMULTIPET)

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Risco Wireless PIR for SecuPlace Wireless Kit (ELMULTIPET)

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A Wireless 1 & 2 way pet PIR for the Risco SecuPlace Wireless Kit.

The EL Wireless 1 & 2 Way PET PIR protects SecuPlace, CommPact and iConnect systems with advanced Passive Infrared (PIR) intrusion-detection capabilities by sensing motion in the protected zone, even in total darkness.

Offering a choice of selectable 1-way or 2-way RF communication, the PIR is powered by two long-life Lithium batteries and includes a "sleep" feature that ignores events during disarming, for battery power-conservation, and for user privacy.

A pet-friendly design enables a pet (up to 45 kg. / 99 lbs.) to roam freely without triggering an alarm. Easy to install, a built-in bracket enables either wall or corner mounting for optimal detection coverage.

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