Quickwire Splitter Junction Box

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Quickwire Splitter Junction Box

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The Quickwire Splitter is for use in conjunction with a Switch & Load. It allows for connection of multiple luminaires.

Connect to the ‘load’ inlet of your Switch & Load to create three separate ‘load’ connections. If your circuit has more than three luminaires then use one inlet on your initial Splitter to connect another Splitter. Repeat as needed.

16A 250Va.c. | Overcurrent protection limited to 16A
BS EN 60670-22 | BS 5733-MF
Conductor Size
1.0mm² – 1.5mm² Twin & Earth (CPC) Solid cores | Class 1 (conductors)
23mm x 31mm x 84mm (cable entries inserted)
IP Rating IP30
Cable Preparation

Cut and strip the 1.0mm² / 1.5mm² solid core, flat twin and earth cable as shown above


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