HDMI Module

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HDMI Module

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Basic HDMI Modules have a rear socket that is aligned with the front socket and are not designed for a backbox where cables are bent up but are used in partition walls or where you have plenty of room behind your faceplate where the Cable will have a suitable softer bend radius. If you need to fit into a backbox you can buy a cable dongle type or buy the angled socket version.

  • Fits 25x50mm aperture and has straight socket at rear (not angled)
  • Around 90-100mm or more clearance behind the faceplate is required depending on cable
  • NOTE -Socket protrudes 20mm at rear on faceplate plus your HDMI lead plug and lead
  • Female to Female 19 Pin Compatible with any HDMI Cable standard
  • Flame retardant to UL94-V2
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