Di-Log Socket Tester With Buzzer (DL1092)

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Di-Log Socket Tester With Buzzer (DL1092)

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A Di-Log DL1092 Socket Tester c/w Buzzer. The simple and reliable test for correct socket wiring.

  • Clear visual and audible indication
  • RCD test of 30 mA RCD (max time 300 ms)
  • Touch voltage to check for extraneous voltage on earth
  • Compact, durable design in compliance with BS EN 61010
Display 3 LED’s and buzzer
Voltage Range 230V +/- 10 %
RCD Test Up to 300 mS @ 30 mA
Overvoltage Category CAT 11 600V
Power Supply From Circuit Under Test
Dimensions 70 x 63 x 55 mm
Weight 60g
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