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Crabtree Starbreaker Miniture Compact 32A 30mA Type B RCBO (61/BM3230)

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A Crabtree Starbreaker Miniture Compact 32A 30mA Type B RCBO.

Designers and installers should ensure that installations are arranged so that socket outlets, circuits in or passing through a room with fixed bath or shower, cables concealed in walls and partitions, lighting circuits etc are each protected by a 30mA RCD and each installation should be divided into the number of circuits as necessary to avoid unwanted tripping of RCDs (1).

Starbreaker miniature RCBOs bring higher levels of safety to an electrical installation and its users because they include switched neutral as standard and bring cost savings by reducing installation and testing times.

Safer installations means safer homes

Starbreaker Miniature RCBOs with switched neutral built in as standard will fully isolate a faulty or damaged circuit by disconnecting live and neutral conductors.

Using Starbreaker Miniature RCBOs will guarantee that healthy circuits remain in service and that only a faulty circuit is switched off. This avoids danger and prevents inconvenience in the event of a fault (as required by regulation 314.1)*(2).

Miniature RCBOs take up less space in the consumer unit and so provide more wiring space for the installer, making the installation process easier and quicker.

Starbreaker RCBOs go one step further, they have switched neutral built in as standard, live and neutral conductors do not have to be disconnected for insulation resistance testing. This saves time and money, particularly for responsible landlords who regularly test installations during occupancy voids.

Brand Crabtree
Product Designation
RCD Operated Circuit Breaker
Product Standard
IEC 61009-1
Number of poles
Number of poles / switched
Number of poles / with protection (overcurrent)
Tripping class
RCD Type
Mechanical Service Life (switching cycles)
Overvoltage Category
Surge Current Resistance @ (8/20) μs
Supply Voltage
240V 50Hz
Switching Capacity Current
Connectable Conductor Cross-section / Stranded
0.75mm² - 16mm²
Tightening Torque
1.2Nm - 2Nm
90mm x 18mm x 77mm
Mounting Position
DIN rail
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