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Crabtree Starbreaker 20A B Type Single Pole MCB (61/B20)

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A Crabtree Starbreaker 20A B Type Single Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker. Thermo-magnetic, current limiting MCBs, which provides overload and short circuit protection.

  • BS EN 60898
  • 6kA - 240V 50Hz
  • Type B classification (3-5In)
  • 16mm² terminal capacity
  • 20A
Brand Crabtree
Standards BS EN / IEC 60898
Rated Voltage
Operating Voltage Min. V AC/DC: 24 Max. V DC/Pole: 60 Max. V AC: 250
Terminal Tightening Torque
Mounting Din rail
Number of Modules 1
Ambient Temperature
-5°C to +40°C
Tripping characteristics  B Curve
No. of Poles
Single Pole
Short Circuit Rating 6kA

Datasheet for Starbreaker MCBs 

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