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Aico Ei146RC Optical Smoke Alarm

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A Ei146RC Optical Smoke Alarm. Mains powered alarm with a 9V Alkaline battery back-up and contains a large capacity, proven optical sensor chamber.

Optical alarms are best at detecting slow, smouldering fire which are commonly caused by sofas or electrical fires. Best suited for Hallways, Landing, Livings Room, Dining Room

  • 9V battery backup
  • Can be interlinked through hardwire or RadioLINK wireless connections
  • Built-in mesh screen to reduce insect and dust contamination
  • Button Test: Simulates the effect of smoke. Checks sensor, electronics and sounder.
Brand Aico
Colour White
Product Code Ei146RC
Sensor Type Optical

Button Test

Self Test

Simulates the effect of smoke and checks chamber, electronics and horn.

Smoke chamber is automatically tested every 40 seconds and unit beeps (without red LED flash) if it is degraded

Supply Voltage 230V AC 50Hz with 9V battery backup
Sound Level 85dB(A) at 3m.
Manufacturer Guarantee 5 Years
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Humidity Range 15% to 95% relative humidity
Product Dimensions 150mm dia. x 55mm
Product Weight 325g
Approvals BS EN 14604:2005
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