CED 20A Isolator TPN Steel Enclosure

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CED 20A Isolator TPN Steel Enclosure

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The CED range of surface mounting - Industrial Switches and Switch Fuses in Grey Sheet Steel Enclosures are manufactured in compliance to EN60947-3 1992/A1-1995, A2 -1997 and Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC. These product ranges are suitable for use with 250v.

      Brand CED
      Weatherproof Rating IP41
      Product Colour/Finish Dark Metallic Grey
      Cable 1.1mm
      Input Voltage (V) 415v - 50Hz
      Knock Outs (mm) 2x20 1x25
      Load (Amp) 20Amp
      Output Voltage (V) 440v
      Poles 3
      Rated voltage/amps (vA) 440vA
      Terminal Capacity (mm²) 6mm²
      Dimensions (mm) 200x159x161mm
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