Brush Module - White - 50x50mm

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Brush Module - White - 50x50mm

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Brush Modules simply snap into any Data type faceplate and are commonly used to hide Audio Visual cables behind walls and so giving a clean appearance to your home rather than bundles of wires hanging down the wall or trailing around  in the living room. Two plates are usually installed, one for entrance and the other for the exit of cables. Commonly these are at the top and bottom of the wall where the equipment resides.

NOTE: They are meant to stand alone in their own faceplate and not intended for use alongside other modules in the same faceplate or alongside other wall sockets in the same channel where hazardous voltages may be accessible through the Brush Module.

  • Hide unsightly Audio cables
  • Fits most faceplates with a standard 50x50mm aperture
  • Snap in type
  • No glue required
  • Can easily be removed to clean out fluff etc
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