Bell System 4 Way Door Entry System c/w Lock Release (BELL904)

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Bell System 4 Way Door Entry System c/w Lock Release (BELL904)

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A 4 way door entry system complete with lock release.

The 900 Series audio door entry systems are recognised for their high quality and competitive pricing and are widely accepted as the industry standard.

Each system provides all of the components necessary to install a complete audio door entry system; including a surface lock release as standard. The packaging of these complete systems allows for ease of specifying, tendering, distribution and installation.

The 904 system consists of:

  • 4 x model 801 telephone
  • 1 x model SPA front door panel
  • 1 x model 61 speech unit (model 51above 10 ways)
  • 1 x model 203 surface lock release
  • 1 x model 212 12VAC PSU (model 225 above 10 stations)
  • Full wiring and installation instructions
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