Apollo Series 65 Base With Diode (45681-201APO)

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Apollo Series 65 Base With Diode (45681-201APO)

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An Apollo Series 65 Base With Diode (45681-201APO).

  • Compatible with all Apollo Series 65 detectors.
  • Designed for use with conventional systems that have manual call points and detector bases on the same circuit.
  • Third-party certified to the relevant parts of EN54 in conjunction with Apollo's Series 65 detectors.
  • Fitted with a schottky diode on the "L1 IN" and "L1 OUT" wiring terminals.
  • One way fit.
Approvals/certifications Certified to the relevant parts of EN54 by the LPCB as part of Apollo's Series 65 range
Application temperature TBC
Application/operation TBC
Construction & finish White polycarbonate V.O in accordance with UL94. Nickel plated stainless steel terminals
IP Rating IP23D
Weight 80g (detector only); 131g (detector in base)
Dimensions 100mm diameter x H 15mm

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