Amenity LED Bulkhead IP54 5W 4000K - Black (AMLEDB)

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Amenity LED Bulkhead IP54 5W 4000K - Black (AMLEDB)

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230V/110V IP54 5W LED Security Amenity Bulkhead- 4000K. Robust polycarbonate base and diffuser. Industrial, commercial and domestic use. A long-life, low cost, energy efficient, hard wearing light source for areas where continuous low level/security lighting is required. Ideal for site lighting unit works on both 110V and 230V. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • 3 year warranty (30,000 hrs)
  • Black base, opal diffuser
  • 460lm
    Product Code AMLEDB
    Lamp Type LED Integrated
    Dimensions Proj: 78mm H: 108mm W: 78mm
    Approvals Class 2
    Warranty 3 Years
    Colour Black Polycarbonate
    Weight 0.4KG 
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