AlarmSense Standard Rate of Rise Heat Detector (55000-190APO)

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AlarmSense Standard Rate of Rise Heat Detector (55000-190APO)

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An AlarmSense Standard Rate of Rise Heat Detector (55000-190APO).

  • A high quality Type A1R rate of rise heat detector.
  • Suitable for use with C-TEC's CFP AlarmSenSe range of 2-8 Zone Two-Wire Fire Panels.
  • Housed in a pure white polycarbonate moulding.
  • Fitted with two alarm LEDs to allow 360º visibility.
  • Third-party certified to EN54-5 by UL International (UK) Limited.
  • 9-33V DC operating voltage.
  • Requires a 45681-244APO AlarmSense base.
  • Can also be purchased as part of a detector/sounder or detector/sounder visual indicator base combination.
Approvals/certifications Certified to EN54-5 by UL International (UK) Limited
Application/operation Generates an alarm condition when it detects a temperature of between 84ºC & 100ºC
Application temperature 55°C typical, 80°C max
Static response temperature 84°C min, 100°C max
Supply wiring 2-wire monitored, polarity insensitive
Supply/operating voltage 9 to 33V DC
Quiescent current 50µA @ 15 VDC
Alarm voltage 9 to 33V DC
Alarm current 1.5mA @ 2-8.5V; 25 +/- 2mA @ 10.5-15V; 1.5AmA @ 18-24V; 2mA @ 33V
Alarm reset voltage 2V max (1 second alarm reset time)
Product dimensions (mm) 100mm diameter x 42m deep (detector only); 100mm diameter x 50mm deep (detector in base)
Construction & finish White polycarbonate
IP Rating TBC
Weight 100g

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