AlarmSense Detector Base (45681-244APO)

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AlarmSense Detector Base (45681-244APO)

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An AlarmSense Detector Base (45681-244APO).

  • Compatible with all AlarmSense fire detectors.
  • Includes on-board 'removAlert' circuitry that detects the removal of an AlarmSense detector and reports a fault back to the control panel.
  • Continues to work during the unauthorised removal of detectors.
  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Less than 3µA quiescent current with detector fitted.
  • The 45681-244APO is NOT required on AlarmSense detectors that are used as part of a detector/sounder base or detector/sounder visual indicator base combination.
Quiescent current Less than 3µA with detector head fitted
Product dimensions (mm) 100mm diameter
Construction & finish White polycarbonate
IP Rating TBC
Weight 55g
Notes Load presented to Zone when detector removed is 47Ω for 10ms every 4 seconds

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