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Aico Ei103R Heat Alarm

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A Ei103R Heat Alarm. Runs on 12V DC power and gives a fire warning when the temperature at the unit reaches 58°C.

Heat alarms are designed for use in kitchens and garages, where the use of optical or ionisation alarms would lead to unwanted nuisance alarms. 

The alarm has a pair of built-in Volt free relay contacts (i.e. can be used to switch into a burglar panel).

  • Interconnectable with other 100R Series alarms
  • Volt free relay contacts supplied
  • Advanced suppression and calibration technology
  • Fixed temperature fast response thermistor type sensor, range 58°C +/- 4°C
    Brand Aico
    Colour White
    Product Code Ei103R
    Sensor Type Thermistor
    Button Test Simulates the effect of smoke and checks chamber, electronics and horn
    Supply Voltage 10.2 to 14 Volts DC – Normally supplied by compatible control panel
    Sound Level 85dB(A) at 3m.
    Manufacturer Guarantee 5 Years
    Operating Temperature 5°C to 44°C. Humidity Range
    Humidity Range 0 to 90% relative humidity
    Product Dimensions 140mm x 125mm x 58mm
    Product Weight 280g
    Approvals BS EN 5446-2:2003
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