8B Three Way Gel Filled Crimp Connector (Pack of 100)

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8B Three Way Gel Filled Crimp Connector (Pack of 100)

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The maximum diameter measured over the insulation is 2.08 mm and the conductor range for the connector is 0.4to 0.9mm or 26 to 19AWG.

Designed for applications covering aerial, buried and underground construction  which are exposed to a full range of temperature, humidity and pollutants. Filled with sealant ensuring excellent insulation resistance and electrical performance in the most stringent environmental conditions

With full compliance to the BTLN 363C specification to be undertaken and verified by BT Openreach the Polypropylene material for the base and cover has excellent properties, high tensile strength, good chemical resistance and resistance to cracking in low working temperatures, good impact resistance and finally high clarity for visual inspection of the crimped splice. Will work with Conductor type solid copper or aluminium alloy and capable of being used with paper, solid polyethylene, or cellular polyethylene insulation.

  • For joining solid core telephone and communications wires
  • Designed for applications covering aerial , buried and underground construction
  • Filled with sealant ensuring excellent insulation Resistance
  • Comes in re sealable pack
  • No need to strip the insulation
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