4 Output Mains Powered DigiLink TV Amplifier

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4 Output Mains Powered DigiLink TV Amplifier

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LDL204R – 2-in, 4-out, mains powered DigiLink amp

  • Dual input amps, VHF 87-230MHz, UHF 470-790MHz
  • Distribute signal from your digibox or *TV and radio aerial
  • 9V DC on every output to power DigiLink eyes
  • Return path for IR control

*Suitable for digital TV signal distribution Ch21-60 from a satellite receiver or from an aerial fitted with a 4G filter.

    Brand Labgear
    Part No.
    Number of inputs 2
    Number of outputs 4
    Frequency range 87-230 & 470-790MHz
    Gain 10dB
    Noise Figure Typ. <4dB
    Max output level (IMA3 -60dB) 90dBμV
    Isolation between outlets 20dB
    Return path range 5-30MHz
    Return path gain 6dB
    Power for DigiLink eyes 9V 15mA short circuit protected
    RED, EMC and LVD Compliant
    Power required 220-240V~50/60hz <3W

    EU CE DoC - LDL204R

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