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BG Garage Enclosure - IP65 - Populated (CFGAR1)

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A populated metal 3 Way (5 module) IP65, RCD Consumer Unit by BG. 40A 30mA RCD’s & 6A+32A MCB.

Enclosures are typically used as an extension to an existing consumer unit but can also be used in isolation. Typical applications include house and loft extensions, garages, sheds, workshops or for showers.

This range of all metal enclosures are manufactured from steel and are compliant with the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, Amendment 3. Enclosure kits are supplied complete with devices, DIN rail, neutral cable, neutral and earth terminals and a busbar.

Cover blanks are supplied to allow the installation of single pole RCBOs or single pole SPDs.

M20 knockouts can be drilled to M32 if required with a range of cable glands and grommet kits also available to maintain IP ratings and Amendment 3 compliance.

  • Enclosures supplied with DIN rail and neutral and earth terminals
  • Manufactured and tested to BS EN 61439
  • 5 Module enclosures accept SP RCBOs
  • IP65 enclosures c/w Ø20mm knockouts on all sides drillable to Ø32mm
  • Enclosure kits supplied complete with devices, DIN rail, neutral cable, neutral and earth terminals, cover blanks and busbar
      Brand British General
      Standards EN / IEC 61439
      40A 30mA RCD
      No of MCBs
      1 x 6A & 1 x 32A
      IP Rating IP65
      No of Modules
      No of Ways
      White Gloss
      UV Stability
      Cover blanks

      Circuit Protection Range Leaflet

      Metal Enclosures Leaflet 

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