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SYAM Intruder Alarm Log Book

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An Intruder Alarm Log Book (A4 format with a plastic laminated cover for durability) which can be used to assist with the management of an intruder alarm system and reduce repair time and costs by keeping a record of components and tests to demonstrate the system is working correctly. The Logbook contains the following sections:

1. Details of the premises, the person responsible for the system and the installer's and maintenance company's details.

2. Details of the control equipment and ancillary devices.

3. Record of keypads, key-fobs and readers.

4. Record of maglocks, electronic locks, etc.

5. Record of strobes, bells, etc.

6. Schedule of detection devices.

7. Test log of regular functional tests.

8. Log of faults, actions and repairs.

9. Service and engineer's visits log.

Keeping a proper log of an intruder alarm can contribute to reducing false alarms, raise awareness of the system's effectiveness adding to it's deterent value and, by keeping a record of component parts, can reduce down-time, fault-finding, and speed up any repairs or the sourcing of replacement parts to reduce the cost of maintenance.

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