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Honeywell LGSIX/01 Logic 6 Alarm Panel

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A Honeywell LGSIX/01 Logic 6 Alarm Panel. Security made Simple comes in the form of Logic Six, one of the world’s easiest to install and operate systems.

  • 6-zone proximity based control panel
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install and program
  • Sold with two preprogrammed keyfobs
  • Up to 8 individually coded keyfobs can be programmed
  • Part set, selectable entry time
  • Keypad not required
Brand Honeywell
Colour White
Product Code LGSIX/01
No. of zones 6
Power of Voltage 240V
PA  +ve loop global. Always active
Tamper -ve loop global. Always active
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 Year
Chime Yes
Bell Output 12V latching, timed 20 minutes
Strobe 12V latching
Extension Speaker 16Ohm 260mA
Rechargeable Battery 1.2A or 2.1A (Not included)

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