ESP Proximity and Keypad Door Entry (EZTAG3)

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ESP Proximity and Keypad Door Entry (EZTAG3)

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An ESP Proximity and Keypad Door Entry keypad with 10 x proximity tags.
  • Easy install, simple self-contained programming
  • Up to 1,010 key tag holders or Pin numbers
  • 2 separate user groups
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Anti tamper option
  • Weather/dust proof robust construction
  • Complete with 10 tags
      Working Temp. -10 ~ +55ºC
      Voltage DC: 12V-24V AC: 12V~24V
      Working Current <120mA
      Standby Current <90mA
      Card Mode ID / IC card
      Reader Frequency 125KHz
      Effective Distance <5CM
      Capacity 1010 Cards or Fobs

      Wiring Diagram

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