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Crabtree Starbreaker 80A 2 Pole 30mA DP Type AC RCCB (380/A030)

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A Crabtree Starbreaker 80A 2 Pole 30mA DP Type A RCCB.

Starbreaker RCCBs are specifically for use in conjunction the Starbreaker plug-in busbar system. The three module wide devices have two pin connections and are related to split load applications. The two module wide devices have a single pin connection and are related to main incoming applications.

  • IEC / BS EN 61008
  • Double Pole
  • 80A RCCB
Brand Crabtree
Standards BS EN / IEC 61008
Rated Voltage 230V
Rated Current 80A
Pole Configuration 2P
Rated Residual Current 30mA
Terminal Capacity 50mm²
Tightening Torque 2.3Nm
Modular Width 2 Mod (36mm)
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