Apollo XP95 Multisensor Detector (55000-885APO)

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Apollo XP95 Multisensor Detector (55000-885APO)

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An Apollo XP95 Multisensor Detector (55000-885APO).

  • Fully compatible with C-TEC's XFP & ZFP XP95/Discovery Addressable Fire Panels.
  • Combines an optical smoke sensor and thermistor temperature sensor.
  • Responds well to a wide range of fires.
  • Well suited for environments such as hotel bedrooms.
  • Red LED illuminates when the detector is in alarm.
  • Certified to EN54-7 by the LPCB.
  • Requires a 45681-210APO standard base or 45681-242APO low power relay base.
  • 'Xpert' card addressed for speedy installation.
Approvals/certifications Certified to EN54-7 by the LPCB
Compatibility Compatible with C-TEC's XFP/ZFP XP95/Discovery Addressable Fire Panels
Application/operation Combines inputs from optical smoke and heat sensors and processes them using a sophisticated algorithm. Designed to be sensitive to a wide range of fires. Provides a good response to overheating/thermal combustion and to flaming fires with high heat.
Application temperature TBC
Static response temperature TBC
Supply wiring 2-wire, polarity insensitive
Supply/operating voltage 17 to 28V DC
Quiescent current 500µA average; 750µA peak
Alarm current 2mA (LED illuminated)
Indicators Clear LED emitting red light when in alarm
Connections L1&L2 supply in/out; +R remote LED +Ve connection; -R remote LED -Ve connection. (4mA remote LED current @ 5V measured across remote load).
Product dimensions (mm) 100mm diameter x 50 mm H (not in base). 58mm height when in base
Construction & finish White polycarbonate V.O rated rated to UL94. Stainless steel terminals
IP Rating IP43
Weight 105g (not in base); 160g (in base)
Operating conditions/temperature -20ºC to +60ºC
Notes Requires a BF308XP standard base or BF308XPR low power relay base. 1mA power up surge current for 0.3 seconds
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